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We support the Friends of Liam Foundation.

The Friends of Liam Foundation is a charity set up to raise awareness and funds to support local organisations dedicated to improving the lives of children blessed with autism.

Friends of Liam Foundation is a non-profit organisation that has been set up in memory of our
beautiful son Liam who passed away in June 2015 from a brain cancer called DIPG. Liam was a very
special boy and is a great inspiration to us his parents and family and to all who knew him.

He was a brave, courageous and happy boy who lived life to the full despite having Autism. He had a
fun loving, gentle personality. He loved to jump, play and laugh like any other 5 year old boy. He
loved his music and Thomas the Tank Engine.

He was mature beyond his years and showed great courage when diagnosed with cancer in May 2015. He
never complained once and continued to enjoy doing the things he loved as much as he could until his
passing. Our aim through Friends of Liam Foundation to to honour his memory, we want to help
children like Liam and will continue to do all we can for all those who helped and supported us on
our journey with Liam. Eileen (Liam’s Mam).

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